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day 1: new mexico

today was our first day of travelling to portland. this whole week has been a surreal rush of people, tasks, anxieties, and emotions. we’ve left behind so much, and where we’re going is largely unfamiliar. coming to grips with that will be a long process, i think.

yesterday i spent the day with my parents getting everything cleaned and closed up while daniel finished his last day at work. an eternity later, we’re sitting in a hotel in santa rosa, new mexico watching a movie and snacking on complimentary bananas. life is certainly strange sometimes.

here’s a few shots hastily edited to show you some of our first leg.


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goodbye Denton, hello Portland

in the wake of our move, this little blog will be left sad and lonely without any clients to grace its pages. i will have peyton’s one year session/birthday party to post, and also the maternity session of the lovely stacie tatum (it’s twins!) from this weekend, but after that.. not much. i’m nothing if not against wasting perfectly good web real estate, so i’ve decided to let this blog take on an additional purpose. i will be using it to document our four day road trip/move to portland. for those posts i’ll add a little ‘personal’ tag, and as usual my archive nav will let you narrow down what you want to see by category so you can see all, or none of those posts at all.  i think i’ll continue to post photos from our lives here once we’re settled as well.

while i am saddened at the loss of my clientele and break from professional photography with our move, i am excited for it too. i feel like my artistic soul needs some nurturing for awhile. be it with personal photography in my new, beautiful home, or maybe even some painting and drawing. this summer will be a new chapter in our lives, and our marriage. i am very much looking forward to what this new era will bring. i feel like i’m finally starting this so called life i’ve been waiting for since i was young. it’s a good feeling.

if you’re following me on other social media channels, you’ll know what has happened in the last few months. for those that don’t, since our announcement, things have gone swimmingly. i sold my car for a profit, found a fantastic replacement for my current position, and we secured a cute little studio apartment near downtown portland on marquam hill. i found a job in portland as well – i’ll be the office manager of Emily Andrews Portrait Design in beaverton. things are still hectic here though. the last few days will be full of hard goodbyes, tears, and lots of hard work as we finish packing our upack relocube and start our cross-country journey.

i am at the same time both terrified and exhilarated. one week away. we’re so close!

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