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family: whitby

a few months ago my clever, fantastic husband spotted a pretty field on his way home from work and mentioned it to me, just in case i ever needed to shoot in the middle of nowhere. thankfully, when the whitby family called me for their fall family session, i knew just where to take them.

we started off with the whole group, and then broke into families.

i think this was the one jessi said was her favorite, we actually got this before everyone had arrived.

eli has been modeling for jcpenney for a few months now – it has seriously made him the easiest baby to photograph.

thank you whitbys! i love you guys!

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bigger: evan is 6 months old!

we’ve had the joy of knowing ryan and sarah for quite a while now, something like six years? in fact, we used to hang out with them back before daniel and i were officially dating! these two are hilarious, creative and awesome people, and they made a pretty adorable kid. you might remember evan’s 3 month pictures, but you may not have seen his newborn pictures by the fabulous stacie tatum. here’s a preview from our jaunt through the arbor hills nature preserve this sunday to celebrate evan turning six months old.

evan was totally digging the kitchen chair we brought with us – thanks again to my darling daniel for carrying it throughout the preserve!

this little guy’s favorite thing to do in the world is to just yell and spit. i wish we could all be so content with the world.

at one point, some thing in the grass i touched made me immediately break out in welts! it was weird.. a little bit later, sarah stepped in an ant bed while twirling evan, so then we tried a new patch of grass for the blanket pictures. it wasn’t long after that when ryan got hit by the mysterious grass too! evan was starting to wind down when he too got attacked by the grass.. so we called it a day after that! we still don’t know what it could have been. here’s my poor shooting hand.. photographed by daniel.

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