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lisa & jack: engaged in seattle

ask my husband what my favorite movie of all time is. go on. he’ll roll his eyes and tell you. it’s sleepless in seattle. i watch it when i’m sick, i watch it when i’m bored, and i can quote every line. it’s both funny and tom hanxy and makes my heart bubble with happy. i LOVE it. one of my favorite quotes is david hyde pierce’s bewildered line “It rains nine months a year in Seattle” followed by Meg’s “I know I know — I do NOT want to move to Seattle!” anyway, a few years ago, my friend lisa actually up and moved from Denton to Seattle. i had a very tiny piece in pushing her towards that decision, and that makes me really proud, because in Seattle, Lisa met Jack. that, my friends, is where their story begins.



it turns out i do not want to move to seattle, even after seeing capitol hill and pike place market, but that’s only because i have portland. if not for that – this vibrant city combined with these awesome people would be a mighty tempting place to reside. my super top secret plan is to eventually bring them down the coast to my little bridge city to the friend commune where all of my favorite people will live in a little neighborhood of craftsman houses near shops & restaurants and raise cute vegan eco-conscious babies.

congratulations lisa & jack! i am so truly excited to shoot your wedding! see you soon!

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a long-awaited engagement: nate & hazel

it is so hard to believe these guys have been married for almost two years! especially when they’re still looking at each other like newly weds 🙂 nate and hazel met us in downtown mckinney this last weekend to get in the engagements that we weren’t’ able to do before their wedding back in August 2010.  it was a gorgeous day, and we had a blast walking around downtown and finch park with them! here’s a sneak peek of their session:

hazel wanted this shot to resemble mr. and mrs. smith’s dvd cover – how did we do?

hazel hadn’t ever blown on a dandelion before!

we replecated the childhood photos that hazel used for their wedding invitations as best we could 🙂

this was a fun one hazel wanted to try – my first stab at one of these

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