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engaged: brazos + jen

brazos and jen are two of the most adorably made for each other people ever. they met when brazos took a road trip with some friends to stay at one of their relatives’ homes in huntington beach, ca. that home happened to house the lovely jen, who was then dating someone else. braz fell head over heels and waited for her. through several several years punctuated by periods of long distance and a couple moves back and forth, jen and braz are engaged! we have treasured them as friends over the years, and were so happy when they chose us for their engagement pictures. their wedding date is still in the works, but we’re mostly sure its going to be in huntington beach and we can’t wait to shoot it!

for their first round of engagements (stay tuned for our winter session featuring jen’s chihuahua rico!) we hit up some of my favorite photo spots in denton. they were up for anything and we had a blast!

we did some exploring (jen’s skirt didn’t agree with walking through brush, so braz was a gentleman and carried her) and found that the back of my beloved field is being used as a mini dump.  it was actually pretty cool – we even found a sweet abandoned low rider!

thanks brazjen! we love you!

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engaged: jon & hannah

there’s nothing better than walking away from a session feeling like you’ve covered the bases and done a good job. ever since i chose this profession, i’ve felt like each shoot has been better than the last – and that’s what keeps me going. this one is no exception! definitely one of my favorites. thanks hannah and jon – you guys were so fun – and so easy to work with!

according to investigator daniel – the truck they’re sitting on here hasn’t been moved in 14 years. i believe it. i think it was bearing most of the roof it was under!

we originally wanted to go out to the sunflower field for the last part of this shoot, but it would have made us miss the sunset. luckily i had pre-scouted some denton fields for future use – and this one’s a keeper for sure.

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