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family: the bowyers

yesterday afternoon we got to spend some time with josh and ashley – newlyweds and proud parents of mr. cade. cade is about 16 months old now, and walking like a pro. seems like just yesterday i was out in weatherford shooting his mom’s maternity pictures! daniel especially loved that he would dance on cue when ashley would tell him to ‘shake shake shake, shake shake shake, shake your booty.’ here’s a sneak preview of yesterday’s sunset field session in argyle.

bellybutton = found.

she warned me at the beginning of the session that this little guy was not a smiler.. i beg to differ!

thanks for having us out yesterday guys! it was a blast!

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happy halloween: costume party

everyone loves a baby in a costume, right? but what’s the point if they can’t be seen by anyone? the answer: a costume party for babies, complete with your very own photobooth, aka heather mount photography! here’s a sneak peek at a few from sarah e.’s party yesterday..

first up, sarah’s little owl: evan!

can you believe this only took her a couple of days and some glue? i can. but only because i know how talented sarah is! check out her amazing paintings here.

yoda is evan’s cousin – check out his lightsaber!

it’s possible that you might recognize this guy – either from my photography, or all of the jc penney ads he’s in! eli was nacho libre, and in my opinion totally pulls off a moustache.

sawyer couldn’t quite sit up yet, but his tigger costume was perfect!

holy transformation, batman! this getup was fantastic – i was thrown by the farmer costumes worn by the family until this little guy did a super fast change and started flying. clark kent has nothing on him.

little will’s costume included a baby bottle of ‘rum’, a treasure map, and a flag – absolutely adorable.

cutest duck ever! the tights and bow were sooo cute.

this little angel was brand-new. congratulations guys – she’s beautiful!

happiest. ladybug. ever.

thank you to everyone that came out! happy halloween from heather mount photography!

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